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For eight hours a day, five days a week, these men & women are educating the next generation. It’s an important job, which can make it challenging for parents to figure out budget-friendly ways to show their appreciation.

Let’s face it, how much candy & sweets can they realistically eat? And those who have been teaching for years already have impressive coffee mug collections.

So what do teachers want? Here are some ideas:

Gift cards: Whether from Amazon, a favorite brand retailer like Target, a coffee shop or local vendors, a gift card is the gift that keeps giving year-round. Pair it with a personal note & you can never go wrong.

Grant wishes: With budget cuts, teachers’ wish lists are long & in need of constant replenishing. So help restock their classroom with supplies such as books, paper, printer ink, pencils, tissues, hand sanitizer, dry erase markers, etc. Check to see if the teacher has a classroom project you can help fund. These can be found on certain sites such as

Donate: Make a donation to the school library, PTA and/or after-school clubs in the name of your favorite teacher. You’ll help your local school & it ultimately benefits the children.

DIY: Most teachers agree the best gifts are heartfelt, so get creative! Whether it’s a simple note of thanks, or a personalized gift, teachers will be grateful.

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