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The Atlantic hurricane season occurs June 1, until November 30. It’s essential to listen to local officials for updates and instructions. When given warning that you’re in the direction of a hurricane, know where to go if asked to evacuate quickly, and how you and your family will get there. There are many factors to consider when preparing for a hurricane. Here are a few:
  1. Have cash on hand.
  2. Make sure your vehicles have been fueled up. And, if you have fuel containers fill them as well.
  3. Have enough drinking water on hand. Minimum 1 gallon per person per day for up to five days.
  4. If it looks like there may be power issues, turn your AC to a lower (colder setting), complete an inventory of food that is in your fridge and freezer section.  That way, if you lose power, you can open your fridge and very quickly find what you want to pull out.  A full freezer and a fridge that is opened less often stays cold longer.
  5. If you have a gas grill, make sure your propane tank is full and ready to use.  If you lose power, you can use the grill to cook food before it spoils
  6. Make sure any prescriptions that you use are filled.
  7. Store valuables and personal papers in waterproof containers at the highest levels of your home if you are in a flood prone zone.
  8. If the power goes out, turn off major appliances at the breakers to minimize damage due to voltage fluctuations and to reduce power ‘surge’ when electricity is restored.  You will want to leave one minor circuit with a lamp on it in the on position so you will know when the power is restored.
  9. Store valuables and/or irreplaceable treasures in empty appliances such as your washer, dryer, dishwasher, microwave or stove.  Put dry clothes in plastic bags.  Put plastic bags over TVs, lamps, computer etc.
  10. Have your hurricane disaster supplies on hand and make sure that supplies such as food and batteries have not expired.

Be prepared and stay vigilant to the ever-changing weather forecasts. For more information on how to create a hurricane plan, visit .