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servicesWhat if there was a financial institution that existed solely for you? What if there was a credit union constantly striving to be the best for its members, not for itself? That credit union does exist – MidSouth Community Federal Credit Union. Our services may surprise you.

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Who We Are

With over 37,000 members, we are completely dedicated to providing you with an experience like no other. We are over 80-years-old and continually strive for new ways to improve our members’ experience while banking. We have no stockholders, as our credit union is member-owned.

Our Services

Our services exist for our members. We know that people want more than just what a typical bank offers. That’s why at the credit union, we offer a variety of services – both online and in the credit union. Aside from our eServices, we also offer:

Direct deposit – Enjoy the hassle-free option of depositing your check directly into your account. Don’t bother standing in line or deal with losing your check anymore.

Investment services – Our representatives are able to advise you on your retirement planning, college savings, investment options, and more. We want to help your financial health grow strong!

Payroll deduction – If you opt for our payroll deduction services, money will automatically be taken from your paycheck and deposited into an account of your choosing.

Scholarship – At MidSouth, we take education very seriously. We know it helps to have assistance. That’s why we offer the Tom Bentley Memorial Scholarship Program every year.

Wire transfers – We are able to handle incoming and outgoing wire transfers.

We pride ourselves on the vast amount of services and dedication we provide our members. You are the reason why the credit union thrives, and we don’t take that lightly. Let us help you any way we can. Contact us today!