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Do what with my investment account?!

Over the past few weeks, MSF Consultants has been no stranger to calls from clients who are concerned about their portfolios’ assuming current market conditions. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned many normal routines upside-down. This can be frustrating for investors who are not “in the know” with their Advisor about what is happening with their investments and what is going on in the market. While there are no certainties about what will happen with the market in the near term or long term, MSF Consultants has been giving their clients a few thoughts to help them take advantage of a beaten down market. We’re prepared to share those thoughts with you below.

MSF Consultants takes priority in making sure that its’ clients understand, an investor should always consider his/her ability to tolerate risk before making investment decisions. However, that doesn’t stop clients from asking “how can I take advantage of opportunities in a beaten down market?”. After discussing debt to income, savings/cash on hand, risk tolerance, time horizon and investment goals/objectives, sometimes it may make sense for clients who fit the part to contribute more to their investment accounts, while the market has suffered its COVID-19 beat-down. There are several ways additional contributions may be invested which include *dollar cost averaging (equal periodic additions such as monthly, quarterly or semi-annually) and/or lump sum additions to retirement/investment accounts. It can be argued that often times investments purchased during market recessions may help to boost your investment account performance over the long run. MSF Consultants views on the current market are as follows, “Whether you already have a large investment account or you have never invested before, now is a great time to seek out advice from a Financial Advisor. Make sure to discuss what options you have available to you and/or if your current investment accounts fit your goals/objectives and risk tolerance”.  *Dollar Cost Averaging does not assure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market, and involves continuous investment in securities regardless of fluctuating prices. An investor should consider his/her ability to continue investing through periods of low price levels.

Do you have an investment account?  Would you like a second opinion regarding your investment account? or, do you just want to explore your options? MSF Consultants not only services the Credit Union membership, but also helps individuals in the general public as well as military personnel, retirees and private business owners. Call us today at 478-471-9946 ext 1503 to schedule a free consultation.


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