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Everything has a season for markdowns, either because its real season has just passed, stores need to move merchandise to make room for updated versions, or because it’s just slow season for retailers. Below is a helpful calendar that takes you through the best buying times for things you could possibly want throughout the year.

1st Quarter (Jan., Feb., March)

gift cards (gift card exchange sites), holiday gift wrap & cards, Christmas decorations, bed linens, towels, furniture, flooring, wedding items, air conditioners, cell phones, luggage, golf clubs, boats, winter coats, motorcycles

2nd Quarter (April, May, June)

vacuum cleaners, cruise tickets, winter clothing, tennis shoes, refrigerators, gym memberships, spring clothing, cookware & dishes, laptops, vacation tickets, tools, televisions

3rd Quarter (July, Aug., Sept.)

summer apparel, picnic & party supplies, office supplies, computers, furniture, grills, swim apparel, school supplies, kid’s clothing, appliances, cars, airline tickets, bicycles, lawnmowers

4th Quarter (Oct., Nov., Dec)

cars, cookware & kitchen accessories, digital cameras, grills, air conditioners, toys, wedding supplies & dresses, athletic gear, golf clubs, televisions & other electronics, appliances, jeans, tools, patio furniture