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Thinking about selling your vehicle? Follow these steps from the DMV! Man holding keys over opened hand of driver

  1. Find out how much your car is worth. Use online resources such as Kelley Blue Book and Auto Trader to estimate your vehicle’s current market value.
  2. Collect your papers. Gather your car title, maintenance records, bill of sale, warranty documentation, release of liability and/or any as-is documentation.
  3. Prep your car. Detail the interior and exterior to include vacuuming the floor, seats and trunk, cleaning out ashtrays and compartments, washing the windows inside and out, cleaning the tire rims and more.
  4. Snap your photos. Once your car is sparkling, take photos from every angle. Include the front, rear and both sides of the exterior; the front and back seats, trunk, dashboard and carpets of the interior; the wheels and the engine.
  5. Find your preferred online site and create your ad. Your car ad should be thorough and include asking price, mileage, condition of the vehicle, history of accidents or damage, modifications or upgrades, recent repairs, VIN number and number of owners.
  6. Get ready to respond. As soon as you post your ad, you should be ready to respond to inquiries by email or phone and even set up test drives with the serious buyers.
  7. Begin by setting a starting price that’s higher than what you’re willing to accept as well as your lowest acceptable price. Don’t be afraid to make counter offers if you aren’t happy with the buyer’s price and always be clear and up front about your accepted forms of payment.
  8. Make the sale. Once you agree on price, complete the paperwork including the bill of sale, signing over the title and the release of liability. Provide the warranty documents if applicable, your maintenance records (with your personal information blacked out) and the keys.

And with that, your sale is complete. Don’t forget to remove your vehicle from your insurance policy!

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