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It’s not too late to plan a summer vacation!

Summer is calling. If you’re looking for ways to save and plan for a getaway this year, try these strategies.

· Start a budget & book now. Determining how much you can easily save in the next few months will help you create your budget and find a booking that works for your finances.

· Utilize rewards. Check to see if you have any cash back or travel rewards from your cards available for you to use.

· Find extra money. Find a side hustle to make extra money to use for your getaway. You could walk neighborhood dogs, become an Uber or Lyft driver, sell gently used items, or more.

· Cut back. Identify any areas in which you can cut back on your expenses (coffees, subscriptions, etc.) and reallocate those funds for your vacation.

· Apply for a loan. You can apply for a low-rate vacation loan (subject to credit approval) at the credit union for any vacation expenses you can’t easily cover with savings.

· Open a vacation club. Get a head start on next year’s vacation by opening a vacation club at the credit union now. You’ll save a little all year and be ready to book (and pay) this time next year!