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For many, your mobile devices house some of your most personal data. Losing your device, whether to burglary or misplacement, could be catastrophic if you don’t have the right safety measures in place. Consider these tips to secure your device and your personal data!

Avoid public WI-FI – It’s easy to connect to public WI-FI when you’re out and about, but doing so can leave your device vulnerable.
Stay abreast of common scams – Scam artists try every method possible to lure victims into sending them money or giving them financial information. They even spoof phone numbers to make calls appear more legitimate. Research common scams to stay alert and always verify the authenticity of calls by hanging up on the caller and then phoning the spoofed company yourself to see if they reached out or if the call was indeed a scam.
Watch out for suspicious texts – You may receive texts noting your account(s) have been compromised and prompting you to click a link. NEVER click on any suspicious link in a text or email. Remember, the credit union and other legitimate financial institutions and companies will not ask for your personal data via this method.
Protect kids’ devices – Protect your children by closely monitoring their activities on smartphones and tablets. Research apps that can help you limit kids’ exposure and/or assess online activity.